Division of Analytical Chemistry for Drug Discovery Faculty of Pharmacy Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences Keio University

Development of new smart molecules for life science

In the analysis of biological phenomena and pathology, “smart molecules” having special functions enable the visualization and control of biological phenomena, which have never been achieved by conventional methods. These molecules exhibit various abilities in biological samples by precisely designing the molecular structures.
The objective of our laboratory is to develop new functional molecules which can be applicable in pharmaceutical research. We design and synthesize these functional molecules, and apply them to molecular imaging, drug discovery, drug delivery system (DDS), bio-separation and bio-analysis.

· Activatable Fluorescent Probes Based on Novel Fluorophores

· Self-assembling Designer Proteins

· Purification of Biopharmaceutical and Cells using Functional Polymers


  • 2022年
  • 2021
    • 12 undergraduate students (6 students in Pharmacy and 6 students in Pharmaceutical Sciences) have joined the group. (2021.9.1)
    • Dr. Eita Sasaki has joined the group as a Project Lecturer (Project Senior Assistant Professor). (2021.4.1)
    • The Hanaoka Group has started. (2021.4.1)